About Twisted Oak

Twisted Oak was born from the passion of working from raw materials.  It is a symbolic representation of the strength, durability, and quality of handcrafted products produced by American artists. 

It is a collaboration of old world craftsmanship and modern artistry focused on creating unique, one-off,  heirloom quality products.  

All of our knives are completely handmade using 100% American made blade steel and alloys.  All blades are hand ground from forging or stock removal method, and then go through custom heat treatment onsite for maximum blade performance.  Carbon steels are prefered due to the ability to manipulate their performance based on heat treating recipes, plus they are easier to sharpen, and have better edge retention verse their stainless counter part.  Some favorite blade steels used for our knives are: W2, 5160, 1095, 52100, and D2 (which some consider to be on the border line of carbon/stainless).

Various handle materials are used to adorn our blades from various local domestic woods that are stabilized here in the shop to exotics from across the world.  For some projects, antler, bone, or horn can be found partnered up to the guard of a hunter, or bowie.

Embellishments range from file worked spacers and blade spines to carved, and checkered handles.  On some projects, a hamon will be polished out to show the blade's differential heat treating or clay will be used during the heat treatment to create a unique temper line, which is then  etched with an acid solution to show the color variation between the hard, and soft steel.

Some consider the knife sheath as a basic accessory but at Twisted Oak it is built, and designed to artistically compliment the tool it protects.  All leather products are hand carved and stitched from quality Oak Leaf tooling leather.  We also create other leather products besides knife sheaths so be sure to check out our gallery.

Bowl turning is a recent artistic venture that has allowed us to reclaim wood normally meant for the fireplace or compost heap, and is fast becoming a passion at the shop.

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“Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns grow into generous gifts we sow”
– Rick Brown